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25 April

Custom hat #19
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Custom hat #19

order your own custom hat at my shop here

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07 March




it’s cool to have opinions on things (stuff too) but remember TWD fandom


Don’t like Carol? Fine. Keep it out of the Carol tag. Think Carl is annoying? Super easy NOT to type his name in the fun little tag box. Michonne’s not doing it for you? Leave the tags blank.

And don’t even get me started on if you have negative feelings about Andrea.

Don’t tag your hate. Don’t tag your hate. Don’t tag your hate. Don’t tag your hate.


With respect to you, I am going to continue to tag any post I discuss the subject in, whether it be positive or negative about that subject. THERE IS NO RULE AGAINST IT. I won’t stop. I shall tag my, as you call it, “hate”. I read your message, and I’m disinclined to agree to it. 

I shall tag my “hate”. I shall tag my “hate”. I shall tag my “hate”. 

Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Simple as that. It’s one thing to disagree with a poster, it’s another to try and tell them how to post. So no sorry, I will tag whatever I want to.

There is a difference between discussing a subject and hating on it. For the record (to me at least) hate is posts like “so and so is dumb slut” “this character needs to go die”. Having a negative opinion on something doesn’t necessarily make it hate, it’s just how you present your negative opinion especially in a tag where people go to fangirl, reblog gifsets and read intelligent opinions on their favourite characters. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t know anyone who follows a tag for the hate that subject gets. 

You’re right. There isn’t a rule against tagging hate.

It’s just common courtesy.

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28 November
— 30 Covers, 30 Days 2012: Day 27




Today’s cover was designed by Tim Belonax!

Pop by Alice Newton

There are two types of people in the world: those inside the Bubble, and those Out of it.

Brielle has known this since she was little. It’s simply the way of the world, her mother would tell her gently. And after a disastrous attempt at escape that left her family with too many scars, Brielle accepts this fact. She plays by the Outsider’s rules. Goes to the Outsider-created classrooms, follows the Regulations. She takes care of her tired mother and ridiculously-cheery brother.

But above all, Bri cares for Christa.

Christa, the quiet girl with silky, hay-colored hair and absurdly green eyes, who burrows into her books and curls her knees into her chest. Christa, with her small smiles and peculiar grace and intelligent brain overflowing with knowledge. Christa, who is warm and solid and sweet—who grounds her when the Bubble gets to be too much, who tastes like apples on Brielle’s tongue.

But the thing is, Christa is smart enough to get out of the Bubble. Actually, she’s smart enough to do damn near whatever she wants, and she deserves to go Outside. Outside, where there is knowledge matching her own, where there are verdant forests and sparkling seas and brilliant white citadels. (At least, that’s what people say the Outside is like)

But although Christa may not belong in the Bubble, she belongs to Bri. Because Christa is everything to Brielle. Everything, and there’s nothing in the world—inside the Bubble or Out of it—that could keep them from each other.

Which means the idiotic Outsider who took Christa last night? They’d better start running.

Tim Belonax is a designer, writer and educator whose work has been awarded, retweeted, criticized, and passed over by individuals and institutions of high regard. He is the Social Impact Co-Chair at AIGASF as well as a Senior Lecturer at California College of the Arts. He currently works for your favorite love/hate relationship on the internet: Facebook. See what he made in the past year, here.

Yes, well, if anyone needs me, I’ll be over here. Screaming. For hours. And maybe squealing a bit. But mostly screaming.



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09 September

omg I wanna do this ahhh

  • Title: Knight of Light
  • Strife Specibus: SonicScrewdriverKind and/or KnittingNeedleKind
  • Fetch Modus: Pocket kind? Must rummage throughout modus and pull out a few wrong items before reaching the desired one
  • Consorts: NEWTS. 
  • Kernelsprite: DoctorpacaSprite. 11th/10th Doctor mixed with a plush alpaca
  • Planet: Land of Twilight and Tides
  • Chumhandle: cornerDweller
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03 September
this is a surprisingly accurate representation of my life

this is a surprisingly accurate representation of my life

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27 August

Imagine a world where people don’t have bodies. Where nothing is visible. Everyone is simply a vague consciousness- there’s no such thing as body type, race or age, no social judgement or racism. Just a vast expanse of nothing, swimming with people’s thoughts and hopes. Where people contribute to each other ideas, make jokes together, fall in love with one another. Where careers are made and dreams are dreamt and wishes are granted. There’s no such thing as distance, either- everyone is just there

Imagine that kind of amazing, brilliant place. 

That’s the internet.

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24 July

now time to cut them all out
also, sadness:



now time to cut them all out

also, sadness:

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08 July
— Darcy Who: Sonic


A/N: Since owlmylove was enthusiastic, here it is!

The second time someone questioned Darcy’s background occcured after the team came back from an incident involving robots. Dr. Bruce Banner and Tony were entering the lab discussing (surprise, surprise) anti-electron collisions when they stopped short. Dr. Foster’s lab assistant was hunched over a workbench with a soldering iron in hand and a narrow object propped up in front of her.

Normally, they only ever saw her on a computer or shoving food at Dr. Foster (usually in the form of Pop-Tarts). Up until that point they would’ve bet good money she didn’t know what a soldering iron did, much less what it looked like. She hadn’t even noticed them walk in. Thin spires of smoke wafted away from her project as she referenced some sort of diagram spread out before her.

The two shared a look before walking towards her. The closer they got the more they realized she was muttering under her breath. Mostly it was broken sentences, and Dr. Banner could’ve sworn he heard her say something about a fez and bowties.

“Damn screwdriver!” she grumbled, nearly slamming the iron down. Pale fingers snatched the diagram and brought it close to her face. Bruce peered over her shoulder to see what she was working on when he caught sight of circular notations scrawled across a beat-up paper; they looked more like geometric doodles than anything else. The object was long with a bumpy end with a bluish light and a smooth handle. She still hadn’t noticed them as she growled, “He just had to make things difficult.”

“Uh, Darcy?” Bruce asked warily. She jumped and whirled around forcing both men to stumble backwards.

“Holy shit! Warn a girl will ya!” she exclaimed. Tony had moved in quickly and was already examining Darcy’s handiwork.

“What is this?” he asked. “A tinker toy?”

Her expression soured. “No!” she declared defiantly, pushing the billionaire back. “It was a gift, but I have to work for it apparently. Bastard probably thinks I won’t be able to do it; next time I see him I’m so tazing him.”

“A gift from whom?”Bruce questioned, maintaining a safe distance from the snarky assistant.

“A friend,” she answered, already focused on the object. A look of understanding flashed across Tony’s features so quickly Bruce thought he may have imagined it.

“Fish fingers?” Stark said. Darcy nodded, resuming her work. That seemed to be enough for him as he claimed a space on the other side of the lab, leaving Bruce to wonder what he’d missed.

He was lost in thought until Darcy claimed, “It’s pretty useful.”

“What?” he sputtered. She was facing him fully and holding the gadget up. She hopped off the metal stool and was on her way out when Bruce found his voice and asked, “Why?”

She stopped, Converse barely making a noise on the floor. She seemed thoughtful before replying, “Tasers don’t open doors or fix things and carrying keys and remembering codes is bullshit. “

He hadn’t the slightest idea what she meant, but several days later he realized she never carried keys anymore.

((Kinda meh but whatever. Lemme know what you think!))

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02 July




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17 April
— huh what pottermore

I thought that everyone had been majorly disappointed in it?? 

So I, um, kinda forgot about my beta account. 

Until now.


So anyway, it’s 2 AM here, and I’m too lazy to make it to Chapter 7 to get sorted- I’ll start it tomorrow. And, of course, obligatory shameless self advertising: If you want, add LumosSun26? o 3 o