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owlmylove’s Camp NaNoWriMo Giveaway! Including awesome prizes such as;

  • S’more Poptarts: a fire-free s’mores alternative for late nights and early mornings. Has the added benefit of preventing your parents/roommates/landlord from yelling at you about lighting marshmallows on fire over your stovetop. 
  • Camp Journal: Helps flesh out characters, decide which of aforementioned characters to kill off, close up some pesky plot-holes, and write poems fondly recalling the days you actually slept and didn’t run on caffeine and stale cereal.
  • F#cking Genius sticky notes: Because we have all had that one shining, brilliant idea that was filed away to “write down later”- only to find it missing. Now you can just jot it down, slap it on your wall, computer or forehead, and be more than welcome to reread it the next morning and think “wow this really sucks”.
  • Hand-knit Tiny Turtle: A little guy to sit by your computer, coffee, notebook or on top of your head, to unfailingly remind you that it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop. Also, he’s an A+ hugger.
  • Plot-Twist Twizzlers: Delicious candy to gnaw on as you puzzle your way through writing the most astounding plot twist of all time. Trust me. It’s gonna be good. Pro-tip, make someone an android. Ooh, or throw in the Spanish Inquisition! Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. 
  • Hooded Poncho: To help protect from showers of self-doubt. You can do this. Seriously. Have faith in yourself. Also helps if the sprinklers in your house go off due to the flaming marshmallows in the kitchen. 
  • Trail Mix: For essential sugar and additional nutrients, just pop a handful of this stupidly delicious trail mix. It’s fantastic at getting into the Camp mood- lean back, close your eyes, and imagine the scent of murky pond water and bug spray. Take a triumphant bite of your S’more Poptart and revel in your word count. Hot damn that’s a lot of words. 

Rules, Regulations & other Boring Stuff!

  • Free shipping to US only. Sorry u x u;;
  • 1 reblog and 1 like respectively. You can reblog multiple times, but tumblr only counts a single reblog. 
  • You do not have to be following me! So long as the winner enjoys the prize, I couldn’t care less as to whether or not they followed c:
  • No side blogs or giveaways blogs, please. Not only will your entry be taken out of the running, but you will also lose my trust forever more ()
  • Make sure you have your guardian’s permission for me to ship to your home address! Or, you can always give me a more public address (PO box, friend’s workplace, Narnia) if you’d prefer. I’d really rather not be sued by your parents for sending you gifts.
  • Please, keep your ask box open. If I don’t receive a reply within 4 days of contact, another winner will be chosen. 

Giveaway ends 3:00PM Central time on Saturday, April 20th! You have one week to reblog your authorial butts off, so have fun, good luck and happy writing! u w u)/

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