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— Hey. Fandom.

I know a lot of you are up in arms right now over DocStart and the alleged Sburb download that accounted to nothing. I know tons of you are off spewing fire at the creator for being an “attention whore” and pranking them. I know that, and I get why you’re upset. But what I want you guys to think about is how much fun it was. 

Sure, the concept that all of us would be effectively responsible for the end of the world was pretty frightening. It freaked us out. We may have cried a bit. But I think a lot of us were pretty psyched about forming our sessions together. Discovering our Lands. Meeting our online friends in an incredible adventure, and battling monsters side-by-side. For a few hours, we were united in the beauty of mutual terror and excitement. We were swearing to corpse-smooch anyone we found, to keep an eye out for people’ pets and families. We were planning what our strife specibi would be, what we’d use to prototype our sprites. We were thrilled and scared and happy all at the same time, perched at the edges of our seats, 

And it was awesome

So before you go off sending hate mail to the frankly brilliant creator of it all, I think you should just remember how great it was. How we smiled and cried and laughed and were panicked and how it was so much fun. 

Tonight was a goodnight.

I hope you think so too.

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    This is so very very true. It was one of my best nights being a part of the Homestuck fandom. I love all of you guys....
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    I was asleep. :C
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